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Teaching Mind & Body Awareness Through Movement

Welcome to Dance Embodiment! What makes us unique is our commitment to fostering mindfulness alongside mastering dance. Each class includes a special self-awareness activity designed to help children become more mindful of their thoughts, sensations, and emotions. We believe dance is an ideal way to explore these aspects of self-awareness, enhancing both the physical and mental well-being of our students. Join us to experience how dance can be a powerful medium for personal growth and mindfulness.

Summer Camps 2024

Learning where and how to focus attention

July 22nd - 25th &

July 29-Aug 1

4:30-5:15pm 3-4yrs Pre-Ballet

5:20-6:20pm 5-7yrs Primary Ballet

6:25-7:25pm 8-10yrs Ballet I

Spring fun

Jazz Classes
Coming this Fall!


Located at

The Keller Pointe

405 Rufe Snow Dr Keller Tx 76248

I love my body because
It's true! Classes are SO fun!
405 Rufe Snow Dr, Keller, TX 76248

Tentative Fall 2023 Class will be Fridays & Saturdays
Beginning 9/1 @ The Keller Pointe

*Fall 2023 Tentative Start Date 9/1 @ The Keller Pointe




My girls (5 and 3) have loved every dance class and camp we've done with Miss Nicole (and we've done several). She makes her dance classes so fun and engaging for the kids, and she can handle whatever they throw at her. I love how she weaves building a healthy mind into her classes. Dance can seem super overwhelming when you're just dipping your toes in, but Miss Nicole helps her students build a solid foundation while having a lot of fun too.



Wow! We signed up for the June summer camp and after day 1, immediately signed up for the July summer camp. Here’s why: Ms. Nicole and her class structure. Her management is *incredible*. She’s SO engaging, kind, fun, and knowledgeable. She tells stories as she’s teaching and gets the children’s input- I’d equate it to the popular “Cosmic Kids Yoga” on YouTube. Your child will journey over a troll bridge, go through a bear cave, pretend to be a mermaid, all while learning technical terms and working on their dance skills. Talk about FUN.
You can also tell she’s a mom by the way she treats children. She cares about them, understands them, and meets them where they’re at. The teacher you always wish your child to have!
Another great component: during each class, beyond the dance, the children work on a skill that promotes their self worth. Ms. Nicole, again, engages them in a fun way to do this. For instance, she may show pictures or bring in objects that convey an emotion, like a shaking ball for “anger,” and the children practice dancing to that emotion.
Don’t hesitate to try a class. You will be blown away!



I never dread going to her class because she keeps the energy fun and stress-free while still motivating us to improve ourselves. She provides thoughtful feedback, and really cares about her students on a personal level. There is never a dull moment with her, and I feel like I have gained a lot from being her student.

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