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Our Story

At Dance Embodiment we want to establish a practice that allows the student to explore their thoughts and emotions and to realize their own innate worth. We believe that dance can be a healing process. That our bodies are the vehicle to gaining greater insight and compassion for life.



We empower students with the skills to question, observe and learn from their thoughts and emotions and to realize that their minds and bodies are inherently good.


Where self-worth is realized. Not proven.


“In more than 15 years of teaching I’ve seen a shift in how young dancers are objectifying their body. Dance is a visual art but when we separate the emotion and humanness from the dancer and begin to look at them as a thing apart from their person we are positioning ourselves for failure.”


Meet the Owner

Nicole received a BA in Dance from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in Ballet Performance where she performed on the Theater Ballet Tour Company.


Following her graduation, Nicole’s professional career began dancing as a soloist and later choreographing for Kinuko Modern Dance Company. She danced as a demi-soloist and soloist for Mountain West Ballet Company & as a soloist for the Utah Opera. 


After moving to Texas, Nicole joined the Texas Ballet Theater School Faculty in Dallas among others and later was invited to Richland College as a guest choreographer and teacher. 

Nicole has served as a judge, choreographer and teacher for the past 15 years and hopes to continue her appreciation for the arts in the years to come.

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